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Craft Brewers: We’d Like to Help Protect Your Vision


We are craft beer enthusiasts excited by the creativity and ingenuity fueling the craft brewing industry. We are available to address the legal issues that arise when opening and subsequently running a craft brewery. We can serve as your (outside) inside counsel, ready and willing to respond to any legal and strategic questions. Komlossy Law provides assistance with forming your business entity, protecting your trademarks and trade secrets (recipes, marketing, brewing process), working through the process of obtaining your Brewer’s Notice and label approvals and other contract issues that will arise when leasing or buying space for your brewery and hiring employees.

Please contact Ross Appel by emailing him directly at or by completing the form at the bottom of the page for more information.  We would love to discuss your vision and what steps we can take to protect it.  Ross has an upcoming legal article about the intersection of the craft beer industry and trademark law that will appear in Volume XIV of Fordham Law’s Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal.  His article about how to best select your mark and avoid a costly trademark dispute can be found in the most recent issue of American Brewer magazine.  Meanwhile, here are some of our recent blog posts specific to this topic.


Propaganda Season in the Beer Industry – Force the Distribution Lobbyists to Make Sense

Some of the distribution and retail groups – generally the ones behind the administrative proceedings that sought to challenge the tourism exception – are beginning to ramp up their efforts in the realm of incredibly easy-to-recognize propaganda. The message, as is often the case, will be without context and will […]

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Florida House, Senate Committees Discuss Malt Beverage Regulations

Committees within the Florida House and Senate began discussions regarding the regulatory scheme surrounding beer in Florida on Wednesday. It was generally a day for the legislators to discuss the basics and gain some knowledge. In the Senate, the Regulated Industries Committee heard a presentation from an attorney with the […]

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Christmas Eve: State Files Reply in Support of its Motion to Dismiss Growler Suit

It’s Christmas Eve, so the State filed its reply in support of its motion to dismiss the growler lawsuit. The State generally built some straw men and knocked them down with ease.

Defendants began by arguing simply that the statutory purpose of avoiding excessive consumption cannot be refuted by plaintiff. Defendants […]

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Growler Suit Update

The day after Senator Latvala filed his straight-forward growler bill that would leave the container laws in place and specifically allow growlers of 32, 64 and 128 ounces, there are some updates on the growler litigation filed in Federal court.

First, Judge Robin L. Rosenberg quickly denied a motion for oral […]

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Steube Files Beer Bill (HB 107) in the House. Seeks Limited Self-Distribution and Franchise Reform

Representative Gregory Steube filed HB 107 yesterday. The bill follows much of the language of the bills we saw in the previous session. For example, it would allow breweries to operate taprooms without separately acquiring a retail license. In those taprooms, the proposed bill would require that at least 70 […]

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The State Will Fight: Files a Motion to Dismiss Growler Suit

The Office of the Attorney General, on behalf of Defendants Lawson and Spicola (DBPR and ABT), filed its Motion to Dismiss the “growler lawsuit” this morning.  The incorporated memorandum of law in support of the motion generally lays out a history lesson of how the statute was originally enacted, provides […]

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