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Craft Brewers: We’d Like to Help Protect Your Vision


We are craft beer enthusiasts excited by the creativity and ingenuity fueling the craft brewing industry. We are available to address the legal issues that arise when opening and subsequently running a craft brewery. We can serve as your (outside) inside counsel, ready and willing to respond to any legal and strategic questions. Komlossy Law provides assistance with forming your business entity, protecting your trademarks and trade secrets (recipes, marketing, brewing process), working through the process of obtaining your Brewer’s Notice and label approvals and other contract issues that will arise when leasing or buying space for your brewery and hiring employees.

Please contact Ross Appel by emailing him directly at or by completing the form at the bottom of the page for more information.  We would love to discuss your vision and what steps we can take to protect it.  Ross has an upcoming legal article about the intersection of the craft beer industry and trademark law that will appear in Volume XIV of Fordham Law’s Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal.  His article about how to best select your mark and avoid a costly trademark dispute can be found in the most recent issue of American Brewer magazine.  Meanwhile, here are some of our recent blog posts specific to this topic.


Legal Challenge of Florida’s Container Size Laws

Most are probably aware now that a lawsuit has been filed against the State of Florida (the Secretary of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and the Director of the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco) seeking a declaration that […]

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More Breweries Do Not Result in More Drunk Driving Fatalities

If anything, statistics demonstrate an inverse relationship between craft breweries and drunk driving fatalities. Vermont, for example, ranks #1 in the country in capita/craft brewery but ranks 21st in capita/DUI fatality. Oregon ranks #2 in capita/craft brewery but ranks #42 in capita/DUI fatality. Of the top 15 states in capita/craft […]

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Miami Beer Trail

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Should Florida Breweries Be Selling to Fellow Breweries?

Breweries are no longer sparsely scattered throughout the state. We are seeing concentrations of breweries flourishing in the Tampa/Saint Petersburg area, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, neighborhoods in Miami and soon Tallahassee. As the number of breweries in Florida grows and areas become more concentrated with breweries, those breweries may consider selling […]

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Check out Ross’ Latest Publication on the Craft Beer Industry and Trademark Law – Worry Wort: A Path to Acquiring Trademark Rights in the Craft Brewing Industry

Check out Ross’ latest article, titled: Worry Wort: A Path to Acquiring Trademark Rights in the Craft Brewing Industry. It appears in Volume XXIV, Book 4 of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal.
The article discusses the manner in which trademark law functions, focusing upon the statutory definition of […]

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Craft Beer: Franchise Laws Need Not Apply

Franchise laws, as applied to the  craft beer industry, have the negative potential of restricting the possibilities for growth (small brewers may avoid expanding into a test market because they will first have to tie themselves to a distributor forever) and allowing distributors to hold breweries to a relationship that […]

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