Represent  individuals and classes of plaintiffs harmed by false, deceptive, fraudulent and negligent trade practices designed to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. Learn More
Handle litigation and arbitration of  financial disputes related to securities investments throughout the United States. Learn More
Represent individual and classes of plaintiffs who have suffered financial loss and hardship due to contract disputes, discrimination or harassment in the workplace, intellectual property and copyright infringement, partnership disputes and more. Learn More
Represent shareholders who have experienced financial losses stemming from fraud, dishonesty, self-dealing or mismanagement of a company by its corporate management, directors or shareholders.Learn More
Represent  shareholders who have been mistreated or defrauded through improperly or illegally handled company merger and acquisition activities.Learn More
Represent and advise small businesses, beginning with formation throughout their life cycle, including protecting their intellectual property, drafting agreements and providing representation in contract disputes.Learn More
We provide thorough services as you embark upon seeking trademark registration. We are available to help and streamline the process from your initial idea and can submit extensive, research-based, replies to the USPTO when you receive an office action refusing registration.Learn More